Sunday, 20 November 2011

Part Ten



Oh, and Red, this part is for you as it is where you are introduced into my fanfic....
Part Ten

As Chanoro ran, he left a trail of vapour behind him, using jets of ice, he built up momentum quickly, he sped across the ground and half-crouching, he sprung in an almighty leap and hurtled skywards. He concentrated on his right fist and it became surrounded with a shell of compact ice, he swung and threw a staggering punch to the side of the beast's jaw, it roared and stumbled backwards as Chanoro flicked daggers of ice at its eyes, it swatted at him, but he redirected the flow of the ice and sped out of reach, he flew back and suddenly the beast reared up and crushed him beneath one of its giant claws, Chanoro's arms were lacerated by the razor-sharp talons, he almost screamed but managed to hold it together. Suddenly, Arrius came running up, he was carrying a heavy-looking club and proceeded to batter at the beasts leg, unsurprisingly, without great effect, the beast turned slowly to stare at him but oblivious, he continued to attack. It swatted lazily at him and he flew backwards into a tree, he did not move. Chanoro felt himself slipping away from conciousness as the beast crushed him further beneath its great fist, suddenly, the beast roared as a powerful torrent of water struck it in the eye, it reared on two legs and roared, but the roar turned to an aproximation of a scream as another jet of water (-which from the steaming Chanoro assumed was boiling), struck the beast in the face. A figure with a fiery mane of bright-red hair came into view, she flung her arms wide and a torrent of water streamed from her towards the creature. With all his strength, Chanoro raised one arm and concentrated hard, his hand glowed with brilliant white light and he flexed his fingers towards the beast's face, as the water struck, it hardened, turning to ice and encasing the beast in a crytal-like shell that spread quickly over the entirety of the beast's body, there wa\s a xcracking sound and the beast slid over onto its side, thankfully away from, rather than on top of, Chanoro. Chanoro slowly tgot to his feet, he appraised the girl with a quizzical eye, "thank you," he said, "but who are you exactly?" the girl smiled, "people call me Red," she said, then, gesturing to her hair, "Red Waterfall."