Sunday, 25 December 2011

Part Eleven/Twelve-(Christmas/Chanukah special!)

Pyro-Dawn, Kallista, Dragona, Gambit and Octaboona relaxed in the seats of the luxurious jet as it soared across the ocean, Kallista looked upwards towards the control cabin, smiling as the door hissed open and a cloaked figure strode out onto the bridge, making eye contact with him as he looked down at her, the figure smiled. He swung himself over the railings and jumped, flipping and landing in a crouch as his imapct-boots hissed as they absorbed the impact, he stood up and came towards them. Israel Elysium smiled as Kallista waved frantically at him and screamed, "ISRAEL!" She launched herself at him and he was crushed in one of Kal's classic bear-hugs. Kallista withdrew from I srael as Dragona walked forward, holding out his hand, Israel said, "I am honoured to meet you Mr. Pine, your reputation proceeds you," Dragona shook and muttered something gruffly, while Octaboona approached with Pyro-Dawn in tow. "So," Israel said, "The Ancient One and The Child of Legend," nodding to Octaboona and staring hard at Pyro before placing a hand on his shoulder, "I have heard great things of you from both ancient prophecy and present-day sorcerer alike," Israel said, looking deep into Pyro's eyes. Pyro-Dawn saw what looked like millions of photographs and pictures, great flames and cities burning, apocalypses and alternate realities in Israel's eyes, but before he could be sure, they vanished and Israel broke eye contact and let go of his shoulder. Pyro thought he caught the traces of a smile on Israel's lips before he turned around and walked over to Gambit, who stood awkwardly on the sidelines, he walked straight past Gambit, as if he hadn't seen him, Gambit looked at the floor and grinned, Kallista couldn't understand why Israel was being so rude, but she said nothing, and went back to her seat, deep in thought. Israel walked back to the cockpit, he strapped himself into the pilot's seat and de-activated the auto-pilot, he thought about the curious expression he had glimpsed on kallista's face as he had walked to the bridge, almost anger but more astonishment and confusion, he couldn't understand what he had done wrong, she had been staring at a spot of empty space between Octaboona and Dragona, "I wonder," he thought aloud, but then concentrated on piloting the jet and not crashing into a mountain.

Chanoro and Red walked through the desert, as they went, Chanoro left a trail of ice behind him so that Kallista and the others could find them, he looked up at the sound of roaring engines and realised he had no need of a trail, the jet circled and landed, sending great clouds of sand and dirt as it did so, Chanoro and Red turned around, coughing and spluttering from the choking fog. A figure in a long black trench coat jumped from the jet, not waiting for the ramp to descend, Chanoro walked towards him until they were only a few feet away, solemly, Chanoro held out his hand, curled into a fist, Israel Elysium brofisted him and then they both broke into hearty laughter and came together in a hearty hug, (with a bit of back-slapping and wrestling, you get the picture), they broke apart and began talking in earnest, catching up on each other's lives since the last time they had seen each other. Red looked on in bewilderment until Chanoro suddenly remembered her, "Israel, meet Red," he said, gesturing, "Red, meet Israel, well, you get it," Red and Israel began talking, suddenly, a great shout erupted from the plane, "CHANOROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kallista screamed, flying at Chan and flattening him in a great bear-hug, "Kallista, can't breath!" Chanoro gasped beneath the onslaught, "sorry Chan," she said, letting him go and helping him to his feet, a dusty and very dishevelled Chanoro climbed to his feet, he tried to dust himself down: he failed. Miserably.
They made their way back to the jet and climbed aboard, Israel ran to the cockpit and as the doors closed, they took off into the desert air, speeding away and narrowly missing a small mountain as Kallista decided to hug Israel another time.

When they got back to Elysium Asylum, they found that it was very dark and gloomy, Israel flicked a light switch, nothing happened, "well this looks ominous," he said, "I'll just start the back-up generator," he walked the the wall and pulled a lever, the lights flickered on briefly and then died, "not good," Israel said, "not good at all." They walked in silence throught the halls until they came to the central sitting room, , suddenly, the door slammed shut behind them and they realised that they were trapped, "wait a minute," Pyro said, "where's kal gone? She was here a minute ago," just then, the light came on, they all sighed witjh relief. A stifled giggle sounded from somewhere, "Kal?" Chanoro asked, "is that you?" "SUUUUUURRRRRRRPRRRRRRRRRISSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" lots of people screamed at the same time, all bursting out from behind sofas and chairs, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" screamed Skyril Oblivion, "HAPPY CHANUKAH!" shouted Thor, swinging his hammer and accidentally decapitating a nearby statue, everyone laughed and began chatting and talking, walking among the crowds and generally having a good time, Israel brought in a few bottles of champagne and everyone started drinking merrily, Pyro was about to take a sip from his glass when both Chanoro and Kallista made a grab for his glass, Kallista slipped on a conveniently placed banana peal and fell onto one of the sofas, Chanoro ungraciously downed the glass in one go, "you see, " the dishevelled kallista said, "I did that on purpose to distract him and give you a chance to get the drink," and everyone laughed. Israel tapped his spoon on his glass and called for attention, "now listen everyone, time for Christmas and Chanukah presents now, but first, anyone who wishes to may light a chanukiah, Octaboona carried some boxes in, all with chanukias in them, and loads and loads of candles, Chanoro, Pyro-Dawn, Octaboona and Thor took chanukiahs, Kallista took one to join in and then decided she wanted to do two, "well if I can't do two then I shall have to do three," she said and was promptly left to do whatever she wanted, after the blessings and candles and stuff, everyone looked at the christmas tree, mounds of presents spilled around it, just waiting to be opened. Of course, chaos insued, as one, they dived towards the christmas tree, bringing it down and throwing presents everywhere, screaming and shouting, throwing presents and warapping paper everywhere, when they had finished, they each took a chair or sofa cushion and sat on the floor, toasts where made and everyone got even more drunk than they had before, Pyro guarded his drink fiercely and fought Chanoro for it, setting his shirt on fire, and making him laugh as he froze it, beds were made and everyone went quietely upstairs, ready for bed and any adventures that the morning would bring them, each one of them slept as if they were drugged, or drunk, (which they were!), and would remember that night for years to come, cherising it as one of the happiest nights of their lives.

Merry Christmas and happy Chanukah to all!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Part Ten



Oh, and Red, this part is for you as it is where you are introduced into my fanfic....
Part Ten

As Chanoro ran, he left a trail of vapour behind him, using jets of ice, he built up momentum quickly, he sped across the ground and half-crouching, he sprung in an almighty leap and hurtled skywards. He concentrated on his right fist and it became surrounded with a shell of compact ice, he swung and threw a staggering punch to the side of the beast's jaw, it roared and stumbled backwards as Chanoro flicked daggers of ice at its eyes, it swatted at him, but he redirected the flow of the ice and sped out of reach, he flew back and suddenly the beast reared up and crushed him beneath one of its giant claws, Chanoro's arms were lacerated by the razor-sharp talons, he almost screamed but managed to hold it together. Suddenly, Arrius came running up, he was carrying a heavy-looking club and proceeded to batter at the beasts leg, unsurprisingly, without great effect, the beast turned slowly to stare at him but oblivious, he continued to attack. It swatted lazily at him and he flew backwards into a tree, he did not move. Chanoro felt himself slipping away from conciousness as the beast crushed him further beneath its great fist, suddenly, the beast roared as a powerful torrent of water struck it in the eye, it reared on two legs and roared, but the roar turned to an aproximation of a scream as another jet of water (-which from the steaming Chanoro assumed was boiling), struck the beast in the face. A figure with a fiery mane of bright-red hair came into view, she flung her arms wide and a torrent of water streamed from her towards the creature. With all his strength, Chanoro raised one arm and concentrated hard, his hand glowed with brilliant white light and he flexed his fingers towards the beast's face, as the water struck, it hardened, turning to ice and encasing the beast in a crytal-like shell that spread quickly over the entirety of the beast's body, there wa\s a xcracking sound and the beast slid over onto its side, thankfully away from, rather than on top of, Chanoro. Chanoro slowly tgot to his feet, he appraised the girl with a quizzical eye, "thank you," he said, "but who are you exactly?" the girl smiled, "people call me Red," she said, then, gesturing to her hair, "Red Waterfall."

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Part Nine

Part Nine

Gambit ran into the room, brandishing a newspaper in his right hand, Kallista looked up from the book that she was reading and got up from the sofa, walking anxiously over to Gambit as he waved to her exitedly and said, "look what I found," "what is it?" she said, her interest piqued. "Read the headline," Gambit said, desturing to the large title and picture, the headline read 'Unidentified projectile over Texas' "see," Gambit said, pointing at the picture of what was to the normal eye, a firework or some other type of flare, but to Kallista it was obvious, "Chan!" she exclaimed as Gambit sighed and folded the newspaper, "at last," he said, "now, lets go tell the others."
Pyro-Dawn rubbed his hands in the cold spring sunlight and a ball of flame danced between his fingertips, he began to feel the warmth of the flame spreading throughout his body. He smiled at the flickering light that he had always been able to produce, it comforted him, they were all stressed out, Chanoro had been missing for weeks. Suddenly, Kallista burst through the door, "We've found Chan!" she said excitedly, Pyro-Dawn smiled, he was relieved after having heard nothing of his new friend, "Where is he?" was all Pyro could think of to say. "Look," she said, thrusting the paper into his hands, he quickly scanned the headline, "the Atacama desert?" he asked quizzicaly, "yes," Kallista confirmed impatiently, "now come on, we need to get moving." Pyro walked with her back inside and saw Gambit pacing the corridor, "Ah," he said, "Pyro, you've heard the news then?" "Yes," he answered, "does Gideon know?" "Not yet, but we can't find him," Gambit said, chewing his thumbnail, "he's been on the watch for him, he'll probably get there before we do." "Well," Kallista mused, "we should get a move on before someone else finds him," "we'll need to regroup with the others," Gambit said, "I'll try to reach them, be back in an hour," and he left the room, closing the door behind him.


Chanoro raced across the icy desert, Arrius at his side, struggling to keep up with him, "Quickly!" he shouted, shooting a pulse of ice over his shoulder, the missile impacted and something snarled in the darkness. He turned quickly while he was running and shot the beast point blank with a storm of ice, the creature faltered and then fell to the ground, frozen solid, he turned back and almost crashed into Arrius who had stopped to stare at something further forward in the darkness. He stopped and tried to see what had caused his cousin to stop, a great roar sounded from the mists before them. A thud shook the ground under their feet, a patch of blackness darker than the shadows around it shifted into view, then, Chanoro realised what it was. He pushed Arrius hard and he fell away to the side as a creat claw sliced the air where he had been standing a second before, Chanoro clicked his fingers and raised his arms, he shot twin streams of ice at the mammoth creature and ran forward. He shut off the streams of ice and spread his arms wide behind him, he leapt and a fan of air propelled him forwards, he brought his hands together and sent a supersonic pulse of icy particles and a wall of sound at the beast. He was heading straight towards the fast opening jaws of the beast, at the last moment he twisted and shot a stream of ice at the eyes of the creature, propelling himself away from immediete danger, the beast roared and a great fist knocked Chanoro out of the air, sending him skidding across the ground, plowing a furrow in the desert sand, he travelled approximetely twenty five metres before stopping. He propped himself up on his elbows, he shook his head, "that was a good one," he said, "I'll give you that," and he rose and stood, he balled his fists and ran towards the beast...


Friday, 30 September 2011

Part Eight

Part Eight

Sauron Nightshade landed in a crouch and then stood tall and straight as he was bathed in moonlight.
Chanoro landed as best he could, he used ice to cushion his fall and rolled to lessen the impact, his shoulder hit the ground and a spike of pain made him grit his teeth. Arrius Triskelion landed in a piece of bushy scrub off to the left and then thudded hard into the ground, he did not get up.
"So Chanoro," Sauron said with a wicked grin, "its just you and me now," and he flicked a blade of shadows at the weakened elemental, Chanoro leapt to the side, barely deflecting the lethal shadows. Still smiling, the necromancer flung his arms wide and a wall of shadows streamed towards Chanoro, he raised his arms and sent a blast of ice to intercept the great wall of shadows heading straight towards him. There was a whistling and the blade of an enormous scythe came from nowhere and split the shadows either side of Chanoro, the giant figure wielding the scythe then turned to face Nightshade. "Weak human," the figure said in a voice that could grind stone, "your time has come," so saying, he smacked the base of his scythe on the ground and the earth shook. A wave of shadows so dark that they seemed to suck the light inwards, descended on the necromancer. As the wave met him, time seemed to slow down, he turned and just before the shadows caught him, his eyes met Chanoro's and he was smiling. A bloody mist descended on the spot where he had been standing, the giant turned to Chanoro, then walked away, its giant strides taking it into the distance, "who are you?" Chanoro shouted after it as he stumbled to his feet, the figure turned once and gave a flicker of a smile, "I," it said, "am Death," and with that it strode of into the night.
Chanoro walked over to where Arrius had landed, he lay very still, quickly, Chanoro put two fingers to his neck and felt for a pulse, he felt it, very weak, but definitely there. He breathed a sigh of relief, he would have never forgiven himself if he had simply allowed one of his friends to die, especially after Arrius had saved his life. "I hope they'll find us before someone else does," he sighed. He raised his arm and pointed at the sky, opening his fist, he shot a brilliant pulse of white light at the sky, it rocketed upwards and exploded in a shower of frost. Chanoro sat down on the cold ground, and meditated...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Part Seven

Part Seven

When Chanoro opened his eyes, he was in a blindingly white room, the walls were blank and the only pieces of furniture in the room were the chair he was sitting in and the chair of the man facing him. "Chanoro, I see that you are awake," the man said. Suddenly, with the sound of a million vibrating filaments, Chanoro was forced back to the present. He jerked awake, the wound in his chest sending him into spasms of pain, Kallista looked at him in concern, she gently stroked the hair off his face. His eyes snapped open and he screamed as the thing in his chest seemed to burrow deeper into him. Kallista whispered soothingly in his ear as Dragona handed a large pair of tongs back to Gideon, Gideon took aim and plunged the tongs into Chanoro's chest, his eyes dilated and he submitted to the darkness of unconciousness.
When he came to for the second time he was in what appeared to be a hospital ward, a figure was standing over him with its hand on his chest, an icy sensation filled the wound and was then replaced with a flood of warmth that spread out along his whole body. "Arrius?" he asked incredulously, "hush, old friend," the figure said, putting a finger to his lips, "stay still and don't talk, it will speed up the healing process." Kallista walked into the room, she beamed when she saw that he was awake and ran over to hug him, but Arrius lifted his arm and held her back, "patience Kallista, he needs to rest,"
"of course Arrius, I'm sorry," she said, looking down at her shoes, she smiled and looked back up again at Chanoro, "how are you doing, Chan?" she asked him, "I'm feeling a bit groggy and pretty dizzy but Arrius' healing seems to have done the trick," he said, smiling. Suddenly, he remembered, "the remnants!" he exclaimed, "what," "its all fine, Chanoro," interrupted Gambit Aurora from the other side of the room, Chanoro relaxed, the vision of his old teacher, Ocularis Infinity, had greatly disturbed him and he had temporarily forgotten the events leading up to his injury.
"So," Chanoro began, "they're all back in the Midnight hotel then," "not exactly," said Gambit, picking what looked like a piece of a remnant from his shoulder. "But," Chanoro began to ask, "how?..."
Gambit looked slyly at him and tapped the bridge of his nose. "Well, I think that you had better all leave now," Arrius said, gesturing for them to leave, as Gideon left the room, he turned to look back at Chanoro, with a snarl, Sauron Nightshade leapt from the shadows, grabbing Chanoro and a surprised looking Arrius and shadow-walking away. He ran back into the room in time to glimpse Gambit Aurora grab hold of Sauron before they dissapeared in a whirl of shadows. Kallista and Pyro ran back into the room, "Where are they?" gasped Kallista at the same time as Pyro said, "what happened?" Gideon turned to face them, "they're gone he said and he walked from the room.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Part Six

Part Six

Chanoro blinked up at the faces as his eyes adjusted to daylight. Gideon Solace and Kallista Pendragon lifted him by the hand and deposited him on the tarmac road, Kallista smiled broadly when she saw him, Gideon Solace rested his foot on Chanoro's chest and pressed him into the floor,
"Kallista, move back, he could be taken over," Gideon cautioned. The smile fell from Kallista's face to be replaced with a look of worried concern.

Gambit and Pyro-Dawn landed on the wet tarmac outside the infinity complex, Gambit noticed the struggle further down the road and ran over, "he's not posessed," Gambit informed them, "I saw him run, I also saw the remnant that was chasing him shut outside the room he had shut himself in, I destroyed it."
Kallista let out a sigh of relief, Gideon released Chanoro and helped him to his feet, "I'm sorry Chanoro but you could have been a remnant," "I understand Gideon," Chanoro said with a wave of his hand, "Kallista, what a pleasant surprise!" he said, smiling warmly at Kallista.
"It's nice to see you too, Chanoro," replied Kallista.
Rebeckka Doldrum and Octaboona ambrosius strode toards the entrance to the infinity complex, black-veined faces grinning in delight. They burst through the doors and headed towards different targets, Octaboona went off to the left, towards Chanoro, Pyro-Dawn and Gambit. Rebeckka went right, towards Kallista and Gideon. Rebeckka lifted her arms and hurled fire at Kallista, Kallista flicked her wrists and the fireball hurtled off-course, Gideon knelt to the ground and concentrated, the ground beneath Rebeckka's feet began to crumble but she leapt deftly aside before the ground cracked and split open. Octaboona splayed his fingers and a strong wind blew, he clenched his fist and the winds increased - dirt and dust flying and whipping at the trees. He raised his hands and gambit was knocked off his feet. Gambit splayed his fingers and psionic energy raced around him, his eyes clouded over in a seething mass of purple and he floated four feet above the ground. He flew towards Octaboona, hitting him with a barrage of psionic fury.
Gideon stood and unsheathed a ninjato from a scabbard on his back, Rebeckka leapt and knocked him to the ground, Kallista saw her brother down and in a fury, she took two steps forward, flipped and cartwheel-kicked Rebeckka through the wall, she crashed through the walls of the complex, and lay still.
With the remnant inside him, Octaboona semmed to find a new strength, he pushed at the air sending him hurtling forward, in middair, he twisted and grabbed Gambit by the throat, kicked him once and then threw him at the nervous form of Pyro. The young elemental turned to see Gambit flying towards him, his legs turned to jelly and he found that he couldn't move, Chanoro took a short run-up, jumped and brought his fist solidly into Octaboona's jaw in a perfect uppercut, his fist contacted with a satisfying crack. Chanoro landed and looked guiltily at the body of Octaboona Ambrosius, "I am truly sorry, my old friend, it was the only way."
The remnant inside Rebeckka doldrum stirred, it left her bruised and broken body and flitted towards the unaware form of Gambit Aurora, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant saw, screamed a warning, but realised that he was too late, he raised his hand and a bolt of fiery plasma hit the remnant as it headed towards Gambit's face. Gambit quickly turned and blasted the remnant into pieces in a flash of psionic energy.

Sauron Nightshade stode down the street towards them, behind him was the monstrosity in bandages. The mummified beast turned its face and seemed to stare directly at Chanoro,  it raised its right arm and a spiked projectile struck Chanoro in the centre of his chest, he went down in a cloud of blood. kallista screamed and then a red and white porche roared around the corner, it skidded violently to a halt and the tall man in the driver's seat bellowed at them, "GET IN!" Gambit and Gideon threw Chanoro roughly over their shoulders and threw themselves into the car, Kallista grabbed Pyro's wrist and began dragging him towards the car, he resisted, "no, what about Octa?" "I'll get him, get in the car now!" she screamed at him and he rushed to the door and scrabbled in. Kallista curled her fingers and flicked with her wrists, sending Octaboona hurtling towards the car, Gambit threw the door open and Octaboona thudded into the back seat and did not move, the engine revved and the car began to move, Kallista sprinted and jumped in through the car window, breathing hard.
The wheels spun and the car sped away down the road and away, "Who are you?" Kallista asked the man who had saved them, "my name is Dragona, Dragona Pine,"....

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Part Four

Part Four

Chanoro Flashfreeze aimed a bolt of ice at the locked and barred door, it flexed and then cracked inwards. Leaving splinters of wood flying in his wake, Chanoro proceeded towards his goal.

Rebeckka Doldrum stared at the ancient elemental that she had not seen for four centuries, noting that he appeared only to have aged a few years.
"Rebeckka, drop him," Octaboona repeated, Rebeckka dropped her hands to her sides and Pyro fell ashen-faced to the floor.
"Thank you, Octa," Pyro gasped, getting up and standing next to Octaboona.
"Octaboona, why have you brought a mere boy along to fight the Justice?" Rebeckka enquired with a disdainful glance at Pyro-Dawn.
"I am his guardian, and I would appreciate it ,Rebeckka, if you would show him some respect," Octaboona said coolly.
A thin figure sprinted towards them and skidded to a stop,
"Gambit?" Rebeckka asked in astonishment, "but you.."
"get back!" he shouted and raised his hands as the wall behind them exploded in flame. A psionic shield sprung up in front of the trio and the rubble ricochet of the barrier in multiple directions.
Through the wreckage of the wall stepped a huge figure, swathed in bandages and before it, picking pieces of rubble from his suit was Sauron Nightshade.
"Rebeckka, I see you're as radiant as ever," said Nightshade, smirking slightly. Rebeckka spat and curled her fingers. A cold wind began to blow through the hall, she spun and hurled an eight-pointed star at the necromancer's head, Sauron Nightshade flicked a bolt of shadows at the shuriken and it evaporated into shadows. He advanced upon Rebeckka.
The thin figure, who had stood unmoving for the past few minutes, balled his fists and closed his eyes, concentrating on the swirling energies inside him. Light shone from between his fingers, he swung and hurled a ball of psionic at the legs of Sauron, the necromancer was caught off-guard and leapt to avoid the missile. Octaboona Ambrosius flicked his wrist and an invisible whip of air knocked Sauron Nightshade to the floor. Octaboona raised his hand to deliver a final knockout strike of air but a voice came from behind him,
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," warned a figure standing behind him, Octaboona turned.

Chanoro felt the atmosphere change, he changed direction and began to run towards the door, he crashed through it and heard the familiar voice. He stopped abruptly, "Amos," he muttered to himself, "but it can't be," he realised that there was something different in the voice to how he remembered it, something sinister.
Chanoro sprinted for the bend in the corridor, he reached the corner and sped round it and saw the face of his mentor, teacher and oldest friend. But there was something different about him, Amos Darkreal turned, "Chanoro, surprised to see me?"
"But how? I saw the body, we cremated you!" Chanoro asked dumfounded. "Yes, you did," Amos Darkreal replied, "but I'm alive, and I'm stronger than ever." Chanoro suddenly noticed the mass of black veins crisscrossing Darkreal's face, and the bulge in his throat. "Now, you are mine," Amos Darkreal said, and a shadow flitted from his throat as he collapsed, and flew towards Chanoro.
Chanoro ran...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Ring of Ice Part Three

Part Three

Rebeckka Doldrum strode down the dark hallways, instinctively pausing before ducking to avoid the fist of a concealed assailant. Rebeckka sprung back and fired a concussive blast of air at her attacker who swiftly avoided the missile and returned it with a knife thrust to the head. Rebeckka deflected the blow off her gauntleted fist and pinned the wielder of the knife up against the wall.
"Who are you working for?" she demanded, pushing what at first glance appeared to be a man harder against the rough brick of the wall. She now saw that the man had a single eye in the middle of his forehead, a cyclops, a minion of the Fist of Justice.
"Kane was foolish to send you after me, perhaps I will send him your charred remains in an envelope, or a photograph of your bloody corpse," she mused threateningly, lifting him off his feet by the throat. The cyclops whimpered at the brutality of her threats, (and at the tight grip of her hands around his throat). Suddenly, a crash sounded from further along the corridor, "I'll have to deal with you later," she said, dropping the cyclops, and dispatched him into unconciousness with a solid uppercut that sent him smashing back against the wall. Rebeckka gave the cyclops a smart kick and then sped off back up the corridor, finding a startled-looking boy with fire in both hands, she briefly considered that he was only about 13 before dismissing the thought and pushed at the air, sending him flying off his feet and then curled her fingers, stopping his movement abruptly, "who are you, boy? and what are you doing here, are you another servant of that detestable Necromancer, the Justice?" she asked, like an interrogator with a particularly nasty criminal. "No, my name is Pyro-Dawn Tyromant, I came here with my guardian, to fight the Fist, I.."The boy trailled off at the expression of malevolent doubt on Rebeckka Doldrum's face. "Rebeckka, he's with me," a figure in the shadows told her. "Octaboona, could it be?" Rebeckka aked in disbelief. "Yes, it is I," said Octaboona Ambrosius, stepping out of the shadows into full view, "put down the boy, we are here to find Chanoro Flashfreeze".....             

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Ring of Ice

Part One

Chanoro Flashfreeze skidded around the corner, flicking daggers of ice at his persuers as he went. The ground turned to ice as he slid through the dim corridor and he sped onwards. The vampires chased him relentlessly for their orders were very clear, kill him at all costs - kill Chanoro Flashfreeze.
Chanoro reached towards the ground as he slid and a rearing wall of ice closed of the corridor behind him in a shower of frost. Chanoro Flashfreeze rounded another corner, dug his heels into the floor, and ground to a halt. Before he could catch his breath, a tall figure stepped out of the shdows, "Chanoro Flashfreeze, I hereby sentence you to excrutiatingly painful anihalation," the figure stated,
"Sauron Nightshade, always straightforward, so, to business," so saying, Chanoro pulled from his back the twin katanas that Amos Darkreal had given him, Sauron Nightshade cracked his knuckles and advanced on Chanoro. Nightshade curled his fists and threw spheres of darkness at Chanoro but he was ready for it, leaping at his foe, he threw his first katana at the shadow spheres while shooting an icy detonation at the necromancer. The katana sliced through the shadows with pinpoint accuracy but Sauron deflected the detonation with a gauntleted fist. Chanoro flicked his wrist and his katana flew back to his hand, he then proceeded to attack Nightshade with a vigorous passion. As Chanoro sliced at his head, Nightshade drew a ninjato from his back and deflected the blow with practiced ease. The two traded blow for blow, parry for strike with almost surgical precision, with a series of fluid movements Chanoro's first katana was knocked from his hand. The elemental gritted his teeth in annoyance and threw his other katana at Nightshade, the necromancer caught the sword in mid-air, summoned shadows around his fists and shattered the sword. Cursing for the loss of his only connection to Amos Darkreal, Chanoro clicked his fingers and sent twin streams of ice at the necromancer. Sauron Nightshade summoned a coat of shadows to surround him but the rage of the elemental was too powerful, Nightshade screamed as the stream of ice engulfed him and at the last moment, shadows surrounded him and he was gone.

Part Two


Gideon Solace swung through the trees, feeling the eyes of the forest upon him. He reached a clearing, flipped from the vine that he was hanging to, and landed in a crouch on the forest floor. He examined the clearing with only partial interest, he was concentrating on the noises of the forest, he cocked his head on one side, realising that there were no noises. There was a sharp cracking sound from behind him, the elemental turned sharply, and with a whistling sound, an arrow struck a tree trunk centimetres from his head.
Gideon lowered his arms, preparing to use his powers of earth to defend against his unseen attacker.
He scanned the walls of the clearing, only now realising that he was an open target, he looked down at the forest floor and noticed strange prints as if someone had walked around the clearing in circles... perhaps looking for a good vantage point. Gideon looked up, time seemed to freeze, he saw the arrow gliding towards him, saw a shadowed figure high up in the trees, saw a gloved hand extend towards the arrow. Time unfroze and the arrow disintigrated into flame, Kallista Pendragon burst out of the trees, firing a bolt of flame at the shadowy form hidden in the branches, with a scream of anguish the figure warped into shadows and dissapeared.
"Kallista Pendragon, I see your sense of timing is as wonderful as ever," praised Gideon Solace, grinning broadly.
"Always a pleasure Gideon," Kallista Pendragon replied, bearing an equally generous grin, "We meet"...........