Sunday, 25 December 2011

Part Eleven/Twelve-(Christmas/Chanukah special!)

Pyro-Dawn, Kallista, Dragona, Gambit and Octaboona relaxed in the seats of the luxurious jet as it soared across the ocean, Kallista looked upwards towards the control cabin, smiling as the door hissed open and a cloaked figure strode out onto the bridge, making eye contact with him as he looked down at her, the figure smiled. He swung himself over the railings and jumped, flipping and landing in a crouch as his imapct-boots hissed as they absorbed the impact, he stood up and came towards them. Israel Elysium smiled as Kallista waved frantically at him and screamed, "ISRAEL!" She launched herself at him and he was crushed in one of Kal's classic bear-hugs. Kallista withdrew from I srael as Dragona walked forward, holding out his hand, Israel said, "I am honoured to meet you Mr. Pine, your reputation proceeds you," Dragona shook and muttered something gruffly, while Octaboona approached with Pyro-Dawn in tow. "So," Israel said, "The Ancient One and The Child of Legend," nodding to Octaboona and staring hard at Pyro before placing a hand on his shoulder, "I have heard great things of you from both ancient prophecy and present-day sorcerer alike," Israel said, looking deep into Pyro's eyes. Pyro-Dawn saw what looked like millions of photographs and pictures, great flames and cities burning, apocalypses and alternate realities in Israel's eyes, but before he could be sure, they vanished and Israel broke eye contact and let go of his shoulder. Pyro thought he caught the traces of a smile on Israel's lips before he turned around and walked over to Gambit, who stood awkwardly on the sidelines, he walked straight past Gambit, as if he hadn't seen him, Gambit looked at the floor and grinned, Kallista couldn't understand why Israel was being so rude, but she said nothing, and went back to her seat, deep in thought. Israel walked back to the cockpit, he strapped himself into the pilot's seat and de-activated the auto-pilot, he thought about the curious expression he had glimpsed on kallista's face as he had walked to the bridge, almost anger but more astonishment and confusion, he couldn't understand what he had done wrong, she had been staring at a spot of empty space between Octaboona and Dragona, "I wonder," he thought aloud, but then concentrated on piloting the jet and not crashing into a mountain.

Chanoro and Red walked through the desert, as they went, Chanoro left a trail of ice behind him so that Kallista and the others could find them, he looked up at the sound of roaring engines and realised he had no need of a trail, the jet circled and landed, sending great clouds of sand and dirt as it did so, Chanoro and Red turned around, coughing and spluttering from the choking fog. A figure in a long black trench coat jumped from the jet, not waiting for the ramp to descend, Chanoro walked towards him until they were only a few feet away, solemly, Chanoro held out his hand, curled into a fist, Israel Elysium brofisted him and then they both broke into hearty laughter and came together in a hearty hug, (with a bit of back-slapping and wrestling, you get the picture), they broke apart and began talking in earnest, catching up on each other's lives since the last time they had seen each other. Red looked on in bewilderment until Chanoro suddenly remembered her, "Israel, meet Red," he said, gesturing, "Red, meet Israel, well, you get it," Red and Israel began talking, suddenly, a great shout erupted from the plane, "CHANOROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kallista screamed, flying at Chan and flattening him in a great bear-hug, "Kallista, can't breath!" Chanoro gasped beneath the onslaught, "sorry Chan," she said, letting him go and helping him to his feet, a dusty and very dishevelled Chanoro climbed to his feet, he tried to dust himself down: he failed. Miserably.
They made their way back to the jet and climbed aboard, Israel ran to the cockpit and as the doors closed, they took off into the desert air, speeding away and narrowly missing a small mountain as Kallista decided to hug Israel another time.

When they got back to Elysium Asylum, they found that it was very dark and gloomy, Israel flicked a light switch, nothing happened, "well this looks ominous," he said, "I'll just start the back-up generator," he walked the the wall and pulled a lever, the lights flickered on briefly and then died, "not good," Israel said, "not good at all." They walked in silence throught the halls until they came to the central sitting room, , suddenly, the door slammed shut behind them and they realised that they were trapped, "wait a minute," Pyro said, "where's kal gone? She was here a minute ago," just then, the light came on, they all sighed witjh relief. A stifled giggle sounded from somewhere, "Kal?" Chanoro asked, "is that you?" "SUUUUUURRRRRRRPRRRRRRRRRISSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" lots of people screamed at the same time, all bursting out from behind sofas and chairs, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" screamed Skyril Oblivion, "HAPPY CHANUKAH!" shouted Thor, swinging his hammer and accidentally decapitating a nearby statue, everyone laughed and began chatting and talking, walking among the crowds and generally having a good time, Israel brought in a few bottles of champagne and everyone started drinking merrily, Pyro was about to take a sip from his glass when both Chanoro and Kallista made a grab for his glass, Kallista slipped on a conveniently placed banana peal and fell onto one of the sofas, Chanoro ungraciously downed the glass in one go, "you see, " the dishevelled kallista said, "I did that on purpose to distract him and give you a chance to get the drink," and everyone laughed. Israel tapped his spoon on his glass and called for attention, "now listen everyone, time for Christmas and Chanukah presents now, but first, anyone who wishes to may light a chanukiah, Octaboona carried some boxes in, all with chanukias in them, and loads and loads of candles, Chanoro, Pyro-Dawn, Octaboona and Thor took chanukiahs, Kallista took one to join in and then decided she wanted to do two, "well if I can't do two then I shall have to do three," she said and was promptly left to do whatever she wanted, after the blessings and candles and stuff, everyone looked at the christmas tree, mounds of presents spilled around it, just waiting to be opened. Of course, chaos insued, as one, they dived towards the christmas tree, bringing it down and throwing presents everywhere, screaming and shouting, throwing presents and warapping paper everywhere, when they had finished, they each took a chair or sofa cushion and sat on the floor, toasts where made and everyone got even more drunk than they had before, Pyro guarded his drink fiercely and fought Chanoro for it, setting his shirt on fire, and making him laugh as he froze it, beds were made and everyone went quietely upstairs, ready for bed and any adventures that the morning would bring them, each one of them slept as if they were drugged, or drunk, (which they were!), and would remember that night for years to come, cherising it as one of the happiest nights of their lives.

Merry Christmas and happy Chanukah to all!


  1. LOL This story made me laugh so much! So much FUN! XD
    FTW For conveniently placed banana peels! :D
    Thanks you fo rthis wonderful and delightful holiday story Chan! *hugs him tightly*
    *admires teh lovely purple color he turns till she realises he can't breath*
    OOps! SOrry!

  2. I love this, Chan! EPICA!

    But *point at a lovely indigo half-translucent chanukkia* I want one too! I /am/ Jewish, ya know? ^^


    Hehe, by the time this was published, Pyro and I were already unofficial :P
    *tackles Pyro in a bear hug*