Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Part Nine

Part Nine

Gambit ran into the room, brandishing a newspaper in his right hand, Kallista looked up from the book that she was reading and got up from the sofa, walking anxiously over to Gambit as he waved to her exitedly and said, "look what I found," "what is it?" she said, her interest piqued. "Read the headline," Gambit said, desturing to the large title and picture, the headline read 'Unidentified projectile over Texas' "see," Gambit said, pointing at the picture of what was to the normal eye, a firework or some other type of flare, but to Kallista it was obvious, "Chan!" she exclaimed as Gambit sighed and folded the newspaper, "at last," he said, "now, lets go tell the others."
Pyro-Dawn rubbed his hands in the cold spring sunlight and a ball of flame danced between his fingertips, he began to feel the warmth of the flame spreading throughout his body. He smiled at the flickering light that he had always been able to produce, it comforted him, they were all stressed out, Chanoro had been missing for weeks. Suddenly, Kallista burst through the door, "We've found Chan!" she said excitedly, Pyro-Dawn smiled, he was relieved after having heard nothing of his new friend, "Where is he?" was all Pyro could think of to say. "Look," she said, thrusting the paper into his hands, he quickly scanned the headline, "the Atacama desert?" he asked quizzicaly, "yes," Kallista confirmed impatiently, "now come on, we need to get moving." Pyro walked with her back inside and saw Gambit pacing the corridor, "Ah," he said, "Pyro, you've heard the news then?" "Yes," he answered, "does Gideon know?" "Not yet, but we can't find him," Gambit said, chewing his thumbnail, "he's been on the watch for him, he'll probably get there before we do." "Well," Kallista mused, "we should get a move on before someone else finds him," "we'll need to regroup with the others," Gambit said, "I'll try to reach them, be back in an hour," and he left the room, closing the door behind him.


Chanoro raced across the icy desert, Arrius at his side, struggling to keep up with him, "Quickly!" he shouted, shooting a pulse of ice over his shoulder, the missile impacted and something snarled in the darkness. He turned quickly while he was running and shot the beast point blank with a storm of ice, the creature faltered and then fell to the ground, frozen solid, he turned back and almost crashed into Arrius who had stopped to stare at something further forward in the darkness. He stopped and tried to see what had caused his cousin to stop, a great roar sounded from the mists before them. A thud shook the ground under their feet, a patch of blackness darker than the shadows around it shifted into view, then, Chanoro realised what it was. He pushed Arrius hard and he fell away to the side as a creat claw sliced the air where he had been standing a second before, Chanoro clicked his fingers and raised his arms, he shot twin streams of ice at the mammoth creature and ran forward. He shut off the streams of ice and spread his arms wide behind him, he leapt and a fan of air propelled him forwards, he brought his hands together and sent a supersonic pulse of icy particles and a wall of sound at the beast. He was heading straight towards the fast opening jaws of the beast, at the last moment he twisted and shot a stream of ice at the eyes of the creature, propelling himself away from immediete danger, the beast roared and a great fist knocked Chanoro out of the air, sending him skidding across the ground, plowing a furrow in the desert sand, he travelled approximetely twenty five metres before stopping. He propped himself up on his elbows, he shook his head, "that was a good one," he said, "I'll give you that," and he rose and stood, he balled his fists and ran towards the beast...


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  1. WOW! I LOVE IT! :D VEry exciting to read Chan! It's good to be able to read your stories again! :D YAY!