Friday, 30 September 2011

Part Eight

Part Eight

Sauron Nightshade landed in a crouch and then stood tall and straight as he was bathed in moonlight.
Chanoro landed as best he could, he used ice to cushion his fall and rolled to lessen the impact, his shoulder hit the ground and a spike of pain made him grit his teeth. Arrius Triskelion landed in a piece of bushy scrub off to the left and then thudded hard into the ground, he did not get up.
"So Chanoro," Sauron said with a wicked grin, "its just you and me now," and he flicked a blade of shadows at the weakened elemental, Chanoro leapt to the side, barely deflecting the lethal shadows. Still smiling, the necromancer flung his arms wide and a wall of shadows streamed towards Chanoro, he raised his arms and sent a blast of ice to intercept the great wall of shadows heading straight towards him. There was a whistling and the blade of an enormous scythe came from nowhere and split the shadows either side of Chanoro, the giant figure wielding the scythe then turned to face Nightshade. "Weak human," the figure said in a voice that could grind stone, "your time has come," so saying, he smacked the base of his scythe on the ground and the earth shook. A wave of shadows so dark that they seemed to suck the light inwards, descended on the necromancer. As the wave met him, time seemed to slow down, he turned and just before the shadows caught him, his eyes met Chanoro's and he was smiling. A bloody mist descended on the spot where he had been standing, the giant turned to Chanoro, then walked away, its giant strides taking it into the distance, "who are you?" Chanoro shouted after it as he stumbled to his feet, the figure turned once and gave a flicker of a smile, "I," it said, "am Death," and with that it strode of into the night.
Chanoro walked over to where Arrius had landed, he lay very still, quickly, Chanoro put two fingers to his neck and felt for a pulse, he felt it, very weak, but definitely there. He breathed a sigh of relief, he would have never forgiven himself if he had simply allowed one of his friends to die, especially after Arrius had saved his life. "I hope they'll find us before someone else does," he sighed. He raised his arm and pointed at the sky, opening his fist, he shot a brilliant pulse of white light at the sky, it rocketed upwards and exploded in a shower of frost. Chanoro sat down on the cold ground, and meditated...

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  1. It's amazing! I seriously need to keep updated though but sorry I couldn't all the time, it's my stupid computer -.- very irritating but keep writing! I need to read more!