Thursday, 15 September 2011

Part Seven

Part Seven

When Chanoro opened his eyes, he was in a blindingly white room, the walls were blank and the only pieces of furniture in the room were the chair he was sitting in and the chair of the man facing him. "Chanoro, I see that you are awake," the man said. Suddenly, with the sound of a million vibrating filaments, Chanoro was forced back to the present. He jerked awake, the wound in his chest sending him into spasms of pain, Kallista looked at him in concern, she gently stroked the hair off his face. His eyes snapped open and he screamed as the thing in his chest seemed to burrow deeper into him. Kallista whispered soothingly in his ear as Dragona handed a large pair of tongs back to Gideon, Gideon took aim and plunged the tongs into Chanoro's chest, his eyes dilated and he submitted to the darkness of unconciousness.
When he came to for the second time he was in what appeared to be a hospital ward, a figure was standing over him with its hand on his chest, an icy sensation filled the wound and was then replaced with a flood of warmth that spread out along his whole body. "Arrius?" he asked incredulously, "hush, old friend," the figure said, putting a finger to his lips, "stay still and don't talk, it will speed up the healing process." Kallista walked into the room, she beamed when she saw that he was awake and ran over to hug him, but Arrius lifted his arm and held her back, "patience Kallista, he needs to rest,"
"of course Arrius, I'm sorry," she said, looking down at her shoes, she smiled and looked back up again at Chanoro, "how are you doing, Chan?" she asked him, "I'm feeling a bit groggy and pretty dizzy but Arrius' healing seems to have done the trick," he said, smiling. Suddenly, he remembered, "the remnants!" he exclaimed, "what," "its all fine, Chanoro," interrupted Gambit Aurora from the other side of the room, Chanoro relaxed, the vision of his old teacher, Ocularis Infinity, had greatly disturbed him and he had temporarily forgotten the events leading up to his injury.
"So," Chanoro began, "they're all back in the Midnight hotel then," "not exactly," said Gambit, picking what looked like a piece of a remnant from his shoulder. "But," Chanoro began to ask, "how?..."
Gambit looked slyly at him and tapped the bridge of his nose. "Well, I think that you had better all leave now," Arrius said, gesturing for them to leave, as Gideon left the room, he turned to look back at Chanoro, with a snarl, Sauron Nightshade leapt from the shadows, grabbing Chanoro and a surprised looking Arrius and shadow-walking away. He ran back into the room in time to glimpse Gambit Aurora grab hold of Sauron before they dissapeared in a whirl of shadows. Kallista and Pyro ran back into the room, "Where are they?" gasped Kallista at the same time as Pyro said, "what happened?" Gideon turned to face them, "they're gone he said and he walked from the room.

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