Sunday, 31 July 2011

Part Six

Part Six

Chanoro blinked up at the faces as his eyes adjusted to daylight. Gideon Solace and Kallista Pendragon lifted him by the hand and deposited him on the tarmac road, Kallista smiled broadly when she saw him, Gideon Solace rested his foot on Chanoro's chest and pressed him into the floor,
"Kallista, move back, he could be taken over," Gideon cautioned. The smile fell from Kallista's face to be replaced with a look of worried concern.

Gambit and Pyro-Dawn landed on the wet tarmac outside the infinity complex, Gambit noticed the struggle further down the road and ran over, "he's not posessed," Gambit informed them, "I saw him run, I also saw the remnant that was chasing him shut outside the room he had shut himself in, I destroyed it."
Kallista let out a sigh of relief, Gideon released Chanoro and helped him to his feet, "I'm sorry Chanoro but you could have been a remnant," "I understand Gideon," Chanoro said with a wave of his hand, "Kallista, what a pleasant surprise!" he said, smiling warmly at Kallista.
"It's nice to see you too, Chanoro," replied Kallista.
Rebeckka Doldrum and Octaboona ambrosius strode toards the entrance to the infinity complex, black-veined faces grinning in delight. They burst through the doors and headed towards different targets, Octaboona went off to the left, towards Chanoro, Pyro-Dawn and Gambit. Rebeckka went right, towards Kallista and Gideon. Rebeckka lifted her arms and hurled fire at Kallista, Kallista flicked her wrists and the fireball hurtled off-course, Gideon knelt to the ground and concentrated, the ground beneath Rebeckka's feet began to crumble but she leapt deftly aside before the ground cracked and split open. Octaboona splayed his fingers and a strong wind blew, he clenched his fist and the winds increased - dirt and dust flying and whipping at the trees. He raised his hands and gambit was knocked off his feet. Gambit splayed his fingers and psionic energy raced around him, his eyes clouded over in a seething mass of purple and he floated four feet above the ground. He flew towards Octaboona, hitting him with a barrage of psionic fury.
Gideon stood and unsheathed a ninjato from a scabbard on his back, Rebeckka leapt and knocked him to the ground, Kallista saw her brother down and in a fury, she took two steps forward, flipped and cartwheel-kicked Rebeckka through the wall, she crashed through the walls of the complex, and lay still.
With the remnant inside him, Octaboona semmed to find a new strength, he pushed at the air sending him hurtling forward, in middair, he twisted and grabbed Gambit by the throat, kicked him once and then threw him at the nervous form of Pyro. The young elemental turned to see Gambit flying towards him, his legs turned to jelly and he found that he couldn't move, Chanoro took a short run-up, jumped and brought his fist solidly into Octaboona's jaw in a perfect uppercut, his fist contacted with a satisfying crack. Chanoro landed and looked guiltily at the body of Octaboona Ambrosius, "I am truly sorry, my old friend, it was the only way."
The remnant inside Rebeckka doldrum stirred, it left her bruised and broken body and flitted towards the unaware form of Gambit Aurora, Pyro-Dawn Tyromant saw, screamed a warning, but realised that he was too late, he raised his hand and a bolt of fiery plasma hit the remnant as it headed towards Gambit's face. Gambit quickly turned and blasted the remnant into pieces in a flash of psionic energy.

Sauron Nightshade stode down the street towards them, behind him was the monstrosity in bandages. The mummified beast turned its face and seemed to stare directly at Chanoro,  it raised its right arm and a spiked projectile struck Chanoro in the centre of his chest, he went down in a cloud of blood. kallista screamed and then a red and white porche roared around the corner, it skidded violently to a halt and the tall man in the driver's seat bellowed at them, "GET IN!" Gambit and Gideon threw Chanoro roughly over their shoulders and threw themselves into the car, Kallista grabbed Pyro's wrist and began dragging him towards the car, he resisted, "no, what about Octa?" "I'll get him, get in the car now!" she screamed at him and he rushed to the door and scrabbled in. Kallista curled her fingers and flicked with her wrists, sending Octaboona hurtling towards the car, Gambit threw the door open and Octaboona thudded into the back seat and did not move, the engine revved and the car began to move, Kallista sprinted and jumped in through the car window, breathing hard.
The wheels spun and the car sped away down the road and away, "Who are you?" Kallista asked the man who had saved them, "my name is Dragona, Dragona Pine,"....


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