Thursday, 28 July 2011

Part Four

Part Four

Chanoro Flashfreeze aimed a bolt of ice at the locked and barred door, it flexed and then cracked inwards. Leaving splinters of wood flying in his wake, Chanoro proceeded towards his goal.

Rebeckka Doldrum stared at the ancient elemental that she had not seen for four centuries, noting that he appeared only to have aged a few years.
"Rebeckka, drop him," Octaboona repeated, Rebeckka dropped her hands to her sides and Pyro fell ashen-faced to the floor.
"Thank you, Octa," Pyro gasped, getting up and standing next to Octaboona.
"Octaboona, why have you brought a mere boy along to fight the Justice?" Rebeckka enquired with a disdainful glance at Pyro-Dawn.
"I am his guardian, and I would appreciate it ,Rebeckka, if you would show him some respect," Octaboona said coolly.
A thin figure sprinted towards them and skidded to a stop,
"Gambit?" Rebeckka asked in astonishment, "but you.."
"get back!" he shouted and raised his hands as the wall behind them exploded in flame. A psionic shield sprung up in front of the trio and the rubble ricochet of the barrier in multiple directions.
Through the wreckage of the wall stepped a huge figure, swathed in bandages and before it, picking pieces of rubble from his suit was Sauron Nightshade.
"Rebeckka, I see you're as radiant as ever," said Nightshade, smirking slightly. Rebeckka spat and curled her fingers. A cold wind began to blow through the hall, she spun and hurled an eight-pointed star at the necromancer's head, Sauron Nightshade flicked a bolt of shadows at the shuriken and it evaporated into shadows. He advanced upon Rebeckka.
The thin figure, who had stood unmoving for the past few minutes, balled his fists and closed his eyes, concentrating on the swirling energies inside him. Light shone from between his fingers, he swung and hurled a ball of psionic at the legs of Sauron, the necromancer was caught off-guard and leapt to avoid the missile. Octaboona Ambrosius flicked his wrist and an invisible whip of air knocked Sauron Nightshade to the floor. Octaboona raised his hand to deliver a final knockout strike of air but a voice came from behind him,
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," warned a figure standing behind him, Octaboona turned.

Chanoro felt the atmosphere change, he changed direction and began to run towards the door, he crashed through it and heard the familiar voice. He stopped abruptly, "Amos," he muttered to himself, "but it can't be," he realised that there was something different in the voice to how he remembered it, something sinister.
Chanoro sprinted for the bend in the corridor, he reached the corner and sped round it and saw the face of his mentor, teacher and oldest friend. But there was something different about him, Amos Darkreal turned, "Chanoro, surprised to see me?"
"But how? I saw the body, we cremated you!" Chanoro asked dumfounded. "Yes, you did," Amos Darkreal replied, "but I'm alive, and I'm stronger than ever." Chanoro suddenly noticed the mass of black veins crisscrossing Darkreal's face, and the bulge in his throat. "Now, you are mine," Amos Darkreal said, and a shadow flitted from his throat as he collapsed, and flew towards Chanoro.
Chanoro ran...


  1. WHAT!?!?!? A REMNENT?? NOOOOOO! RUN Chanoro! RUN!!!
    Fantastic and suspensful story Chan! Just like the others! Great fun to read my friend.
    I love it!

  2. :D

    Epic storyline!!!¡¡¡!!!

    Okay, this silence is creepy.

    *whacks iTouch with a mallet*


    *nothing happens*