Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Ring of Ice

Part One

Chanoro Flashfreeze skidded around the corner, flicking daggers of ice at his persuers as he went. The ground turned to ice as he slid through the dim corridor and he sped onwards. The vampires chased him relentlessly for their orders were very clear, kill him at all costs - kill Chanoro Flashfreeze.
Chanoro reached towards the ground as he slid and a rearing wall of ice closed of the corridor behind him in a shower of frost. Chanoro Flashfreeze rounded another corner, dug his heels into the floor, and ground to a halt. Before he could catch his breath, a tall figure stepped out of the shdows, "Chanoro Flashfreeze, I hereby sentence you to excrutiatingly painful anihalation," the figure stated,
"Sauron Nightshade, always straightforward, so, to business," so saying, Chanoro pulled from his back the twin katanas that Amos Darkreal had given him, Sauron Nightshade cracked his knuckles and advanced on Chanoro. Nightshade curled his fists and threw spheres of darkness at Chanoro but he was ready for it, leaping at his foe, he threw his first katana at the shadow spheres while shooting an icy detonation at the necromancer. The katana sliced through the shadows with pinpoint accuracy but Sauron deflected the detonation with a gauntleted fist. Chanoro flicked his wrist and his katana flew back to his hand, he then proceeded to attack Nightshade with a vigorous passion. As Chanoro sliced at his head, Nightshade drew a ninjato from his back and deflected the blow with practiced ease. The two traded blow for blow, parry for strike with almost surgical precision, with a series of fluid movements Chanoro's first katana was knocked from his hand. The elemental gritted his teeth in annoyance and threw his other katana at Nightshade, the necromancer caught the sword in mid-air, summoned shadows around his fists and shattered the sword. Cursing for the loss of his only connection to Amos Darkreal, Chanoro clicked his fingers and sent twin streams of ice at the necromancer. Sauron Nightshade summoned a coat of shadows to surround him but the rage of the elemental was too powerful, Nightshade screamed as the stream of ice engulfed him and at the last moment, shadows surrounded him and he was gone.

Part Two


Gideon Solace swung through the trees, feeling the eyes of the forest upon him. He reached a clearing, flipped from the vine that he was hanging to, and landed in a crouch on the forest floor. He examined the clearing with only partial interest, he was concentrating on the noises of the forest, he cocked his head on one side, realising that there were no noises. There was a sharp cracking sound from behind him, the elemental turned sharply, and with a whistling sound, an arrow struck a tree trunk centimetres from his head.
Gideon lowered his arms, preparing to use his powers of earth to defend against his unseen attacker.
He scanned the walls of the clearing, only now realising that he was an open target, he looked down at the forest floor and noticed strange prints as if someone had walked around the clearing in circles... perhaps looking for a good vantage point. Gideon looked up, time seemed to freeze, he saw the arrow gliding towards him, saw a shadowed figure high up in the trees, saw a gloved hand extend towards the arrow. Time unfroze and the arrow disintigrated into flame, Kallista Pendragon burst out of the trees, firing a bolt of flame at the shadowy form hidden in the branches, with a scream of anguish the figure warped into shadows and dissapeared.
"Kallista Pendragon, I see your sense of timing is as wonderful as ever," praised Gideon Solace, grinning broadly.
"Always a pleasure Gideon," Kallista Pendragon replied, bearing an equally generous grin, "We meet"...........


  1. Wow . . . really awesome!!!! Can't wait for more!!!! seriously you should spread the word about this fan fic all over the blogs and the chat box . . .Seriously!!!

  2. :P awesome!! glad leo came to bring us over :)

  3. HOLY S***! WAS THAT GUY RELATED TO ME?! *points to name*

    evil relatives... DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

    anyways, he wasn't a vampire like me :P so y'know *shrugs*

  4. Thanks guys, I'm really glad you like it

  5. WOOOOOOOT! EPICA!!!! Excellent writing my friend! Thanks for using my oc! Loved how you wrote her! Liek the entrance and that she has a brother!
    Can't wait for the next part! MUST WRITE MOAR!!!!!!!

  6. Very good.

    Nice to see some more plot twists in the little world, you have much talent, I'm gonna nag you to write more now, you have been warned.


  7. Thanks Kallista and Pyro! As the result of your encouragement, I am writing a 3rd part! Look out for more familiar faces *winks at Pyro-Dawn*.